God’s Economy….

Okay, so yesterday I didn’t post because it was my Dad’s birthday. We had a great time…I’m so blessed to have an amazing father.

Anyway, so today was my day to go clothes shopping. Some of the team, who has gone before, said that they like to leave the clothes that they wear while on the trip and give then to the people in the village. So, my mom and I went shopping for clothes that we would leave at the mission. This is a wonderful act of generosity that I’m glad I can do….however, who wants to spend big bucks on clothes that you will only wear once?? I don’t!!! Not that I’m cheap or not kind, but being a college student that is not getting student loans. You have to be smart with the money you have and wear good condition clothes.

Today was a God day in that He did something amazing…the only way you would believe this is by showing the receipt….


Yep, those prices are right. Twenty-three pieces of clothes for $12.45
Meaning we only paid $0.50 per item:)
This was definitely a God thing and I’m grateful to Him, and the girlfriend that told me about this store.

Will I be going again whenever I need good clothes at a cheap price???? You know I will!!!


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