Service learning: What it truly is…

For sometime I have been struggling with understanding what Service Learning is…

I read the official definition for it but it did not make sense to me until now. It is not about service or even learning how to do new things. It is what happens on the inside of a person once they have accomplished their goals. For me, it just took a little longer then most to set in. I did not realize what I had learned until I was talking to my College Plus! coach about VOM. She was asking me why I would consider an internship with them for next summer. This was my reason:

I believe that the American church (including myself) has a glamorized view of the mission field and sharing the gospel to non-believers. We have taken for granted the freedoms that we have here in America. For some, a big mission trip is staying in a nice hotel and going to a neighborhood, that you are afraid to go into in your own home town, and tell poor street kids about how Jesus loves them. I’m not saying this is wrong or judging those who do this, but I feel that this is what the American church calls missions. This is not true missions…

The true mission field is going where you are giving up yourself entirely. No will of your own and willing to die for what you are doing. That is what the people who are helped by VOM are doing. They are witnessing in their own countries and are willing to loose their jobs, families, go to prison, and even die for their belief in Jesus Christ.

What about me???

Is my faith so strong that I am willing to do this???

Only through time and maturity in my walk with the Lord will I ever be able to endure even half of what my persecuted brothers and sisters go through everyday. However, I must not give up hope in myself and I must never forget those who are in chains. That is why I support the work the Voice of the Martyrs is doing. They are truly the voice for those who, I’m afraid to say, have been forgotten by their fellow believers. It is up to us, and it starts with me, to set the record straight and to not let this continue to happen.

So, what am I going to do???

No idea, I’m in school, teaching music lessons, working part-time, and trying to be a good daughter and friend. There is not much time that I have left, but I can pray, tell others about the ministry, and ask the Lord to prepare my heart for whatever He has planned for my future.

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